Dental implant revision

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What is the difference between

the dental implant revision surgery

and general surgery?

Dental Implant is the most effective of dental

treatments to replace lost teeth. And now days

it became generalized treatment preferred

by various age groups.

Dental implant surgery has become prevalent,

and thus the side effects are increasing accordingly.

Typical side effects include implant fixture failure,

peri-implantitis etc. In severe cases, facial paralysis

or cognitive disorder, etc. can be occurred.

There are various causes of dental implant failure,

but the most frequent problem for re-operation is caused by peri-implantitis.

    1. Then, what is the difference between
    2. the general dental implant surgery
    3. and revision surgery? 
    4. And why should revision surgery
    5. be more careful?
    6. Failure of osseointegration, broken fixture of
    7. dental implant or bone loss caused
    8. by peri-implantitis is typical dental implant failure.
    9. When it requires replacement of dental implant,
    10. the existing implant fixture needs to be removed
    11. and wait enough time for the area to be healed.
    12. And larger size of implant fixture should be
    13. placed with additional bone grafting.
    14. All these processes cost themselves are a burden,
    15. but they are also physically demanding.In addition,
    16. it is important to understand and analyze the failure
    17. of the primary operation, and thereby establish
    18. a systematic and thorough surgical plan accordingly.
    19. Therefore, a higher level of clinical experience and
    20. ability of the operator are required than the first operation.
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