Frequently Asked Questions

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14 Q
[Implant] How do I contact before coming to the hospital?
A Please contact us by email or online consultation through the website. We try to give as much information as possible such as treatment plan, costs and duration of treatment. If you want an immediate answer, feel free to call us or chat live on WhatsApp (ID: Splant).
13 Q
[Implant] Is it possible to know the estimated dental cost in advance?
A Yes, you can simply ask treatment costs by email or online consultation through the website. And also more detailed treatment plan and quotation are available if you attach your x-ray.
12 Q
[Implant] How do I get to the hospital?
A Access to the hospital can be found at the website (->Go to Location). It normally takes about an hour by car and 1 hour 30 minutes by subway from Incheon Int. Airport.
11 Q
[Implant] Is accommodation supported by hospital during stays?
A Accommodation is not supported. However if you ask for a help we are happy to give you the information of hotels near by, and also making reservations are available.
10 Q
[Implant] Is it available to take a dental treatment when I don’t speak the language?
A We provide foreign patients with a dental concierge service which aims to minimize patients’ discomfort at unfamiliar environment without any language barriers and to provide with comfortable reception service as if you are treated in your own countries.  We are providing the interpretation service with multi-languages through our English, Chinese and Russian concierge residing in our hospital. At our concierge, we are performing to the patients all the processes from in-advanced inquiry, guide to quotation, treatment schedule, treatment process to after-service management and we try to do our best to provide a high quality of dental treatment.
9 Q
[Implant] How do I pay for the treatment? Do I have to pay a lump sum?
A With our customized payment system where the patients’ comfort is on top priority, both lump sum payment and installment payment are available.
8 Q
[Implant] Is Dental Implant Surgery possible for anybody?
A It can be possible for patient at least 18 years of age. When the jawbone has completely been grown up. And also in case of having general diseases, such as diabetes, heart diseases, etc., we request for the medical specialist’s opinions on them.
7 Q
[Implant] Is the implant surgery painful?
A Minimal incision and drilling can be possible with the most optimized plan of the implant surgery through the surgical simulation via 3D CT based information and it gives less pain and swelling. There’s also aroma therapy given to every patients for relaxing and relieving tension before surgery.
6 Q
[Implant] Are there any difficulties in daily life after the implant surgery?
A If the process of the surgery is simply done and when there is no bone graft proceeded there is no problem for you to return to daily life immediately. But in case of bone graft is proceeded, swellings or pains can be accompanied after the anesthesia wears off.  Therefore on the very first day of surgery, it is recommended using an ice pack and taking a rest. Swellings can be lasted for around 3 to 7 days depending on each of patients.  During the recovery period tough exercises, hot sauna etc. should be avoided.
5 Q
[Implant] How long does it take from dental examination to the implant implanting and how often should we visit your hospital?
A In general, it takes around 3 to 6 months from dental examination to completion of the implant treatment and the time to visit Korea during that period is around 2 or 3 times.  But, according to teeth conditions, you can visit Korea just once and we make it completed within 10 days while you are visiting Korea.  An accurate treatment period is changeable according to the patient’s teeth conditions.  Therefore, it can be confirmed after visiting our hospital.