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Digital Equipments
Dental technologies around the world are evolving and continously improving, making dental treatments quicker, more effective and more comfortable.
At S-PLANT Dental Hospital, technological advances are adapted based on global innovations and professional driven developments in dental techniques as well as materials.

We are equipped with the advanced dental technologies including a computerized 3D CT Scan, digitalized x-rays, carl zesis microscope to enable more detailed and precise diagnoses, treatments and increased patient safety.
  • CEREC Cerec is one of the most advanced dental equipment by Dentsply Sirona, German. It is a revolutionary CAD/CAM system that produces complete ceramic prosthesis (crown/veneer/onlay/inlay) in just one visit. From cavity treatment to implant, it is possible to achieve a faster and more accurate completion of the prosthesis with CEREC.
  • 3D CT (Kavo, Germany) This state-of-art device is capable of photographing teeth, jawbone, and facial bones. Also, it can provide 3-dimensional picture and it is very useful especially for determining accurate location, planting angle, and length when analyzing the dental implant. Besides, it is used for various treatment like wisdom teeth extraction, analysis for removing wide area of jawbone due to paradentitis, and examining jaw joint. We will take care of safe dental implant operations for the patients with the latest devices that can be barely found even in major university hospitals.
  • 3D Oral Scanner (3Shape Trios, Denmark) The intraoral scanner allows us to make dental treatment easy, efficient and comfortable as possible. It eliminates traditional messy impressions, gives more precise impression and reduces visit and chair time.
  • Digital Panorama (Vatech) Digital Panorama is a dental diagnostic device that is used to diagnose teeth, jaw, etc. This generates and controls X-ray and obtains high-quality picture of them. It provides minimal radiation exposure(similar to amount of radiation by sunshine), and is capable of speedy and accurate diagnosis.
  • Optical Microscope (Leica M320) Treatments with the optical microscope, rarely performed at hospitals except University ones, is provided at S-Plant hospital. Using the optical microscope is very helpful for the Surgery of end of tooth root in endodontic treatment and other precision-required treatment like crack.
  • Portable X-ray (Vatech) Portable X-ray is a wireless dental X-ray device that is designed for the old and the weak who have hard time moving and the patients who need quick X-ray during an treatment.
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