Frequently Asked Questions

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[Implant] When can I do the implant surgery after teeth are extracted?
A It depends on the patient's state such as levels of inflammation etc. but normally the implant placement is available around 1 to 2 months after the teeth are extracted.  In some cases, placing the implant is available immediately after the teeth are extracted.
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[Implant] It is told that bones should be transplanted on the implant surgery. Is it a must?
A In case that the bones are not enough, the implant can’t be implanted.  Therefore, bones are reinforced through bone transplantation.  In general, the bone transplantation is done simultaneously on the implant surgery.  It takes around 3 to 5 months to be healed after the surgery.
2 Q
[Implant] I have a dental phobia. Is it still available to take a treatment without pains?
A In case of serious dental phobia, we recommend sleeping anesthesia with which you can take the implant surgery very comfortably as if you were asleep and you can be relieved from fear, horror and pains.  Our hospital is also operating the sleeping anesthesia clinic where we have a specialist for sleeping anesthesia and which is equipped with a patient monitoring device and a perfect emergency device as well.
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[Teeth Whitening / Laminate Veneer] For the teeth whitening, what kinds do you have and what characteristics do they have?
A For the teeth whitening, we have a specialist’s whitening and a self-whitening.  Considering the teeth’s color, lightness, saturation, transparency, curves, lips’ color, etc., our dental specialist makes an accurate diagnosis on the customer’s condition.  After that, the whitening treatment is provided matched to each of the individuals by using the safest whitening chemicals.  The specialist’s whitening is done by coating the whitening chemicals and treating through special rays, which brings fast effect within 1 or 2 hours.  For the self-whitening, the whitening chemicals with low density are used.  By using the individually customized tray, whitening can be done by the patients themselves at their homes.  It is more effective to parallel it with the specialist’s whitening for a bigger effect and lasting result.