Oral Hygiene

More important the treatment is prevention. For your healthy teeth, S-Plant dental hospital provides various dental management programs for prevention.


About 80% of adults are suffering
from periodontal disease.
You can prevent it with the right knowledge.

The periodontal disease is mostly caused by improper brushing which causes plaque accumulation on teeth. The plaque is changed to Dental calculus causing inflammation to gum. The periodontal disease is common as ranked as 10 kinds of most common diseases and 80% of adults are suffering from it. If you are late in periodontal care. alveolar bone will be resorbed. It weakens the teeth, so that the teeth wobble and finally should be extracted. With proper brushing and regular dental check up. you can keep the gum healthy.



Even for a healthy person, 6 months to 1 year periodic regular scaling for removal of plaque and dental calculus is recommended.

Scaling is the treatment modality of removing plaque and dental calculus on the surface of tooth, which cause gum diseases. As a prevention for gum disease, the scaling is the first step for the treatment, and it should be considered as a significant treatment modality.

The Perfect Perio Care

S-PLANT dental hospital’s preventive dentistry program – The Perfect Perio Care

The perfect Perio Care is the program of professional dental prevention. As one-more-step-forwarded tooth cleansing and preventive treatment than conventional scaling, the Perfect Perio Care is one of the best total dental-care program.


  1. Panoramic X-ray : Checking the state of the whole alveolar bone and tooth.
  2. Oral examination : Checking whether other disease exists.
  3. Scaling : Removing dental calculus
  4. Oral prophylaxis : Removing bacteria on the tooth surface between teeth: using the prophylaxis apparatus.
  5. Teeth polishing : Polishing the teeth surface: using ultrafine sand particle with fluoride.
  6. Fluoride application : For the prevention of cavity and hypersensitivity.

* The Perfect Perio Care based on the above clinical procedure is provided in a manner of customized program for a specific patient with a special need.


Even if teeth are brushed well, mouth bacteria are accumulated easily on the teeth surface within a few hours. It causes inflammation on gum. With the Perfect Perio Care on the teeth surface, you can prevent periodontal disease. For the Perfect Perio Care, 6 months to 1 year periodic examination is recommended.