Teeth Whitening

S-Plant has been acknowledged as the hospital in Korea to perform the medical treatment of ZOOM2, No. 1 whitener approved by the U.S.FDA. At the hospital, meet faster and safe teeth whitening with ZOOM2.

Professional In-office Whitening

Professional In-office Whitening is the fastest way of teeth whitening. After the professional analysis on the teeth attribute, such as color, brightness, chroma, transparency, curvature, and lip color of the patient, the customized teeth whitening therapy for you is provided. With teeth whitening system whose principle ingredient hydrogen peroxide, the special light beam is illuminated. The effect is shown within 1 to 2 hours.


We recommend ZOOM2 Whitening System!

Relief ACP minimizes feeling of coldness in tooth accompanied by the whitening with ZOOM2, internationally top-ranked whitening, approved by the U.S. FDA. ZOOM2 guarantees, as well as the fast and perfect effect of whitening, the safe teeth whitening.


Home bleaching(Whitening)

Using relatively less concentration of whitening gel to that of professional in-office whitening, home bleaching(whitening) lets you apply whitening gel in a special tray made by our clinic, to your teeth by yourself, You are required to put the tray for 2-3 weeks and 4-5 hours for a day. For more effective and constant result, it is recommended to take Professional Whitening together.