Dental Implant

1. Anatomage Guide Dental Implant

With the technology of  ‘Anatomage Guide Implant’  through 3D I-CAT CT, S-Plant performs a safer and more precise implant surgery.

STEP Anatomage Guide Implant Conventional Dental Implant
1. Diaganosis ENG05-Dental-Implant-02S-PLANT-Benefits_img_07

X-ray taking


X-ray taking

2.Diaganosis 3D i-CAT CT scanning 3D CT scanning or None
3. Planning ENG05-Dental-Implant-02S-PLANT-Benefits_img_17

Establishing the most optimized plan of the implant surgery for a patient through the surgical simulations fo implant with computer based CT information.

4. Surgical Guide manutacture *Step 4 could be skipped depending on oral condition of patient.

The surgical guide(Anatomage Guide) is set based on the best data among the results from surgical simulations.

5. Surgery ENG05-Dental-Implant-02S-PLANT-Benefits_img_27

Without gingival incision, dental implant installation can be proceeded onto the right position previously planned, using surgical guide(Anatomage Guide)


The installation of implants with the minimal gingival incision by laser.

6. Immediate Prosthetics ENG05-Dental-Implant-02S-PLANT-Benefits_img_37

If the jaw bone has a proper volume, the
provisional(or temporary) crown can be
fabricated before surgery through the computer
simulation, and can be delivered onto your
mouth immediately after the surgery.

2. 10-step Infection Control Management System

S-PLANT Dental hospital is operating the 10-step Infection Control Management System based on CDC(Center  for Disease Control and Prevention, USA) for thorough health management.

All the devices and equipments for treatment are sterilized by anti-infection and sterilization managment system so that the patients can feel comfortable.


3. Managing of Dental Tech. Lab.

S-PLANT Dental hospital is managing a “Dental Tech. Lab” to maintain the best quality throughout all the processes from temporary tooth to the final denture.
Due to its faith that pursues only the best, the ONE STOP Care system with the dental implant center provides the speedy and prompt management of before & after the dental implant operation as well as precise and scientific denture.

4. Aromatherapy Care

As we thinks providing peace of mind for the patients as an important process of treatment, we perform various therapies for alleviation of both tension and pain, and acceleration recovery.
Before and after the dental implant operation an aroma-therapist, who majored in alternative medicine, basically provides a treatment combining Aromatherapy and Stone-thearaphy according to the health condition of the patient.
We alleviate mental and physical stress, and other accompanying problems (stiffness of muscle, morbid sensitiveness).

5. Dental Implant Operation Guarantee System

S-PLANT Dental hospital is practicing a warranty system for the patients who have received the dental implant  treatment from our hospital.